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Eddie and Judy have shifted the forum, format and location of the Parish Hermitage work and ministry.

January 2016

As of September 2014 Eddie and Judy Parish have relocated from St. Amant, LA to Fort Worth, TX. Dr. Eddie and Judy are working more together with individuals, couples, families and groups. We offer the ability to travel to people’s cities, homes and spaces of living as well has having people travel to Fort Worth. We have several forms of therapy, guidance, teaching and consulting.


  1. Fort Worth Intensive has four hours of psychotherapy and three hours of intentional processing during lunch and supper. The issues and concerns addressed during psychotherapy, as well as other life concerns are given space to be practiced and incorporated during meals.

  2. Fort Worth 90 minute sessions. These individual, couple or family Psychotherapy sessions are not weekly but rather spaced out over time.

  3. Eating meals with couples or families in their home or restaurants. We have found multiple couples like to process their personal and relational concerns while eating together. Sometimes the meal preparation is shared and how people work together brings up multiple areas to discuss and process. This involves three hours of our time.

  4. Traveling to your city or home. This has four hours of psychotherapy and three hours of intentional processing during lunch and supper. We arrange for lodging at a local hotel. This usually involves couples or families.

  5. Teaching and psychotherapy. In this we do two, hour and a half teaching on aspects of “self in relationship”. Our desire is to limit it to ten couples. Then over that afternoon and into the next day, we have 90 minute personal sessions to the couples who attended the teaching.

  6. Traveling with couples and families and have intentional times of family or couple therapy and natural life processing as issues, conflict and tensions arise. We also use this time to build on the existing strengths and resiliencies in people for the purpose of more interdependent couple and family relationships.


When I speak of Dust and Spirit I simply mean a way of thinking about helping people that is influenced and shaped both by natural sciences, social sciences and a Judeo-Christian Spiritual theology.

Humans are part of the physical world and are partially understood through the natural sciences. Biology, Chemistry, physics are natural science disciplines that provide some basis for understanding and working with people. Having theories that are guided and shaped by natural and social science thinking helps provide a road map in my therapeutic work.

But humans are more than a natural science being or a social science human. Being influenced by my Judeo-Christian practice, I believe God breathed life (physical, mental and spiritual) into the human formed from dust of the earth. This energy, this breath of life, is spiritual. Thus one’s relationship and interaction with a “higher power”, which is spiritual, shapes and influences our practice.

Thus, our work with people is shaped by these undergirding ideas that continue to be matured, developed, and put into practice through the discipline of Marriage and Family Therapy.

To contact Eddie or Judy please call or email at:

1-225-328-8339  ♦


Dr. Parish has a Masters from Abilene Christian University and Ph.D. from Florida State University in Marriage and Family Therapy. Eddie is a clinical fellow and approved supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Parish was an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University and was an Associate Professor at Abilene Christian University. In addition he had successful private practices in Bowling Green Ohio and Abilene Texas. Furthermore, Eddie served as a Youth Minister and a Family Minister and Family Therapist at two separate churches.

Judy has her Bachelors in Elementary Education and has taught at public schools in Texas and Florida. She earned her Montessori diploma and taught at schools in Ohio and Louisiana. She was a full-time mother and co-founder of the Parish Hermitage Inc.

For fifteen years Eddie and Judy started, developed, and ran a therapeutic and spiritual retreat center in South Louisiana. It was situated on 24 acres and the format integrated therapy, hospitality, nature and spiritual disciplines. Since September of 2014 the format of the Parish Hermitage shifted to where Eddie and Judy either go into people’s places and spaces or people come to Fort Worth, TX to facilitate healing, freedom, maturation and transformation to individual’s, couples and families.

They have two children, Bristol who is 24 and graduated college in New York and is currently working and living there. Their son, Arizona is 21 and is in his junior year in college.


In all the fees listed below, we tell people this is our full market fee and we ask people to pay what they can based upon their integrity and honesty and we will accept it.

  1. Our 60 minute fee is $200. Thus for a 90 minute session the fee is $300 and for seven hours of our time in a day the fee is $1,400.

  2. The fee for a three hour meal is $600.

  3. Traveling to your place is $1,400 for seven hours of our time plus travel.

  4. For teaching and psychotherapy the fees are $750 for three hours of teaching and $300 per each 90 minute session.